Roses Have Thorns (Part 11) Airstrike in Lugansk City


  1. Is there actual 'proof' that those jets were Ukrainian? I don't doubt anything I've watched, or studied regarding the Wests never-ending battle to overthrow Russia. It's just if there is undeniable proof the jets were Ukrainian, it's one more piece of evidence that can't be contested when all this comes before an international tribunal. I also believe this international tribunal won't be the one that's in place atm, because for an international watchdog, to allow this to continue for as long as they have, proves that they are also corrupt.
    I don't know how I'd receive a notification you've replied to me here. So if you could answer my question in the comments section on YouTube under my account name of Aussie_Truth - I've posted a few comments under the video, so I won't be hard to find.
    I also appreciate the hard work you've put into this series, to bring everything all to our attention. I can't believe it's been hidden from the YouTube algorithm for 7 years. YouTube must be realizing that keeping up this facade is not worth risking their long term survival.
    Thank you.

  2. Aussie_Truth here again. Sorry, but you answered my Q in the video. I was so appalled by what I'd just watched that I wrote the above question before I'd watched further into the video. You've answered all questions in your video. Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone's attention. I can't believe it's taken 9 years for this to appear on my YouTube algorithm.