June 03, 2024

Airstrike in Lugansk - 10 Year Anniversary


June 2 marks the 10th anniversary of a Ukrainian airstrike in Lugansk and a significant escalation in the war that still rages to this day, as well as a turning point in my life and the birth of my YouTube channel Watchdog Media.

Ukraine killed 8 people yet denied responsibility. They originally claimed it was an explosion from inside the building, and this was even shamefully backed up by the Guardian. They then changed their story to something even more ridiculous - that separatists fired a heat seeking missile that was attracted to an air conditioner instead of a jet engine.

The United States, who likely encouraged Ukraine to start this war against Donbass (aka the “Anti-Terrorist Operation”) in April after a visit from CIA Director John Brennan, was uninterested in the strike, and commended Ukraine for its “restraint”. Vice President Joe Biden also visited Ukraine during the start of the war, notably sitting at the head of the table as Ukraine had no elected leader at the time.

The airstrike was filmed from over 5 locations, which I mapped out and pinpointed the location of the striking jet. I also mapped out 32 craters where the rockets hit. According to Armament Research Services (ARES), Ukraine used S-8KOM high explosive anti-tank rockets that were likely launched from B-8M1 rocket pods on a SU-25 jet, which ripped through the innocent people by the Regional Administration Building.

On June 3 Ukraine bombed a hospital in Krasny Liman, and President Obama visited President Poroshenko and offered financial and security support on June 4.

This short clip shows Ukrainian representative Yuriy Sergeyev re-stating the misfiring MANPAD theory 2 days after the airstrike

May 12, 2024

Over 25,000 Dead in Gaza, Israeli Propaganda, Dual Loyalty & the New Antisemitism

- US Defense Secretary says 25,000 women & children killed in Gaza

- Jerusalem Post ran disgusting article claiming a baby killed by Israel was just a doll

- Ex-IDF Avi Yemini from Rebel News Australia says obnoxious counter-protester is the real Australian of the year

- Some people have more loyalty to Israel than to the country they live in

- US Congress adopts ridiculous TheIHRA antisemitism definition making this video harder to make 

Nick Fuentes' Videos Banned From Facebook - Debating Ben Shapiro in GTA5

As Nick Fuentes is allowed back on 𝕏 by Elon Musk, Facebook bans every single video from his Rumble Video and Cozy pages. He also is funny guy who will hopefully debate Ben Shapiro one day, after unsuccessfully lobbying him in GTA5.

The Truth about Albanese, Sarah Williams and the WWYW Women's Rally

What really happened with Prime Minister Albanese and organiser Sarah Williams at the women's rally? This video clearly shows she did not want him to speak but instead wanted to shame him for not agreeing to her demands. But to her dismay, the crowd wanted to hear him. Full Story

[Extended Version]

Song: Adolescents in a War for a Third Time


Official Video

Alternative Protest Video

September 21, 2020

MH17 - 3 Weeks at the Crash Site [DAY7 JUL23]

Research & Editing by: Chris Nolan
Subtitles by: Elena Evdokimova

"3 Weeks at the Crash Site" is a comprehensive timeline of events following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The seventh part of this series continues from 12:00AM on July 23, 2014. All times are in local Ukrainian time (UTC+3).
On July 23 Ukrainian forces continued attacking Lisichansk and gained control of 3 towns near Donetsk. 2 of their warplanes were downed near Marinovka as their troops faced DPR encirclement near the border. Protests against conscription took place in Western Ukraine.
40 MH17 victims were flown back to the Netherlands, loaded into hearses and driven past mourners on the way to Hilversum for identification. Anonymous U.S. intelligence officials presented their case to select journalists and significant reports were published by Reuters, Paris Match and the BBC.

Trailer [YouTube] [LBRY] [BitChute]
MH17 Victims Flown Back to the Netherlands [YouTube] [LBRY] [BitChute]

See also:
8 Months in Ukraine (Euromaidan - MH17)

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