April 14, 2019

The War in Ukraine

A fast-paced 25-minute summary of the war in Ukraine. The protests in the west, the protests in the east and the outbreak of war are chronologically presented in this informative, captivating and tragic short film.

SHORT FILM [YouTube] [LBRY] [BitChute] [Download - 1.2GB]

Tatiana Moroz - Masters of War
Blue Stahli - I Am The Beast
Blue Stahli - Nemesis
Hybrid - We Rise
65daysofstatic - Asimov
Tchaikovsky - Overture 1812
Michael McCann - Detroit Marketplace
Trevor Jones - Promentory
Karan Casey & Kate Ellis - The Fiddle and the Drum
Michael McCann - Sandstorm
Antonio Pinto - Warlord
Sascha Dikiciyan - Distorted Reality
Nicholas Hooper - Dumbledore's Farewell

For more information:
Roses Have Thorns - Casualties of the Ukrainian Revolution
8 Months in Ukraine (Euromaidan - MH17)
MH17 - 3 Weeks at the Crash Site
War Crimes in Gorlovka - The Anna Tuv Story

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  1. Thank You for thr great and important work you have done and are doing. God bless you.