Documentaries (MKV/MP4 Files)

The War in Ukraine (1.2GB)

Roses Have Thorns - Casualties of the Ukrainian Revolution


  1. Best documentary on Ukraine "revolution".

    Hate for the anglosionist imperialism forever!!!

  2. Thanks for doing this great work. A record needs to be kept.

    For what it's worth there was an excellent day-to-day archive of photos and video on an old site

    It was, at one time, archived - but I can no longer find it.

    I've never seen equivalent coverage of the Maidan and the first year of the ATO. A real resource for documentarians.

  3. Part 8 is no longer there, what happened?

  4. Whoever you are - this is just incredibly good work! You are doing the work of the "historians" - which will never get around to an unbiased report on what happened and why... Hats off! And thank you for all your time and effort!

  5. We have to stop WW3. The escalation is crazy.

  6. Hi friends. Good job. File no. 8 - The Donetsk & Lugansk Referendums (2.17GB) cannot be downloaded. Would it be possible to make reaupload to mediafire or to correct the link? Thanks.