A comprehensive 17-part series covering the war in Ukraine from the start of the Euromaidan protests late 2013.

An updated and concise 5-part series covering the war in Ukraine from the start of the Euromaidan protests late 2013.

A fast-paced 25-minute summary of the war in Ukraine.

An ongoing comprehensive series covering the events following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, 2014.

This is the story of Anna Tuv, who was severely wounded when bombs landed on her house on May 26, 2015. Her husband and her 11 year old daughter were killed.


  1. I have watched several of the documentaries on this site, and overall I find them very informative and contributing to the broader and deeper story of the political tranformation by coup d'ĂȘtat in Kiev, february 2014. It depicts state crime, civil war evolving and the extreme violent, ethnic oriented rift in the ukraine population. Facts that are totally ignored in the western policies, but highly important to Russia and a huge factor in the country's decision (feb. 2022) to insert a military attack on Ukraine to demilitarize and denazify the country and settle the Donbass- and Crimeaquestions for good. An attack, that Russia in these days (midst of may 2022) have to size up to a declaration of war on Ukraine, that has become a proxy for the western NATO forces, in order to complete the mission.

    It is of huge importance that especially people in the western countries watch documentaries like this, in order to get a solid ground in their view on the foreplay for the expanding war in/around Ukraine. If the western people and policies don't recognize the absolute dark age that the US backed coup in Kiev brought to Ukraine in 2014, the have much lesser chance to stand up for negotiations and compromises. The documentaries on this site provides info and knowledge to support a peaceful and negotiated end of the war, that threatens to ramp up a third world war.

    Greetings from Denmark

  2. Great work guys, impartial showing what the mass media is hiding