Video Clips


Victoria Nuland Phone Call [BitChute] [Vimeo]

Ukrainian Troops in Slavyansk [BitChute] [Vimeo] [Dailymotion]

Attack on the Trade Union Building [BitChute]

Ukrainian Forces in Krasnyi Liman [BitChute]
Slavyansk Under Fire [BitChute]
The Government of Ukraine According to Severodonetsk [BitChute]
Slavyansk & Normandy [BitChute]
President Poroshenko's Inauguration [BitChute]
Slavyansk: Shelling, Civilians & Strelkov [BitChute]
Slavyansk: Before & After [BitChute]
Besieged Slavyansk & the State Department [BitChute]
Destruction & Phosphorus in Slavyansk [BitChute]
Ukraine's Azov Battalion in Mariupol [BitChute]
Russian Embassy in Kiev [BitChute]
Translating Ukrainian with Jen Psaki [BitChute]
Russian Journalists Killed by Ukrainian Shelling [BitChute]
Russia & Ukraine at the United Nations [BitChute]
Civilian Casualties in Kramatorsk & Slavyansk [BitChute]
Obama & NATO in Europe [BitChute]
Elena From Slavyansk [BitChute]
Ukraine's Aidar Battalion Defeated Near Lugansk [BitChute]
Jen Psaki on Poroshenko's Temporary Ceasefire [BitChute]
Child & Church Custodian Killed in Slavyansk [BitChute]
Poroshenko Confronted by Slavyansk Refugee [BitChute]
Ukrainian Forces Attack Dolzhansky Checkpoint [BitChute]
73 Years After Germany Invaded the Soviet Union [BitChute]
Ukrainian Mothers Protest Their Children's Deployment [BitChute]
NATO Secretary General & the State Department [BitChute]
United Nations Claims 110,000 Ukrainians Went to Russia [BitChute]
A Soldier's Mother In West Ukraine [BitChute]
Slavyansk Market Shelled From Karachun [BitChute]
Poroshenko Ends The 10-Day Ceasefire [BitChute]
End of the Ceasefire in Kramatorsk [BitChute]
Shelling Severodonetsk [BitChute]

Entire Street Destroyed in Stanitsa Luganska [BitChute]
Shelling Slavyansk, Seversk, Kramatorsk, Nikolayevka & Severodonetsk [BitChute]
"An Army That Kills Our Children" [BitChute]
Nikolayevka Power Plant Destroyed [BitChute]
Lugansk & Izvarino Checkpoint Under Fire [BitChute]
Ukrainian Army & Strelkov In Slavyansk [BitChute]
Militia Retreat From Slavyansk [BitChute]
Slavyansk: Militia Out, Army In [BitChute]
Ukrainian Army Takes Control of Kramatorsk [BitChute]
Ukrainian Army Takes Control of Slavyansk [BitChute]
Shelling Lugansk [BitChute]
Battle For Dolzhansky Checkpoint [BitChute]
Ukraine Prepares to Take Donetsk [BitChute]
DPR Prepares For Ukrainian Assault [BitChute]
Fatal Shelling in Lugansk [BitChute]
Lyashko's Crackdown in Starobilsk [BitChute]
Strelkov's Address on Donetsk TV [BitChute]
The State Department, NATO & the White House [BitChute]
Ruin in Slavyansk, Protest in Kiev [BitChute]
Military Convoys [BitChute]
Destruction [BitChute]
Another Fatal Shelling in Lugansk [BitChute]
Ukraine's Failed Assault in Karlovka [BitChute]
The Donetsk People's Republic [BitChute]
More Casualties [BitChute]
Refugees and a Wedding [BitChute]
Russia at the UN [BitChute]

The Militia [BitChute]
Attacks on Residential Areas Continue [BitChute]
Donetsk [BitChute]




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