Roses Have Thorns (Part 1) Euromaidan & Crimea

Roses Have Thorns - Casualties of the Ukrainian Revolution
November 2013 - March 23, 2014

FULL DOCUMENTARY [YouTube] [BitChute] [MKV Download - 1.79GB]

Victoria Nuland Phone Call [BitChute] [Vimeo]
Maidan Snipers [BitChute]


  1. The parallels with Jan 6 are obvious, with repubs and demos on the opposite sides. Both are willing to use fascists when it serves their purposes; and both use appeals to democracy with complete hypocrisy. This is what a successful Jan 6 would have looked like. We might see a repeat, with a different outcome, in 2024.

    1. Ridiculous comparison. Where were the fires on Jan 6th? Where were Republican fascists? The only fascist's there were antifa infiltrators.

      Unarmed and benign people, invited into the Capitol building, wandering around taking selfies.

      At least one, identified, FBI agent provocateur inciting people to violence.

      And one murder, an unarmed protestor shot to death by a known official who has never been brought to justice.

    2. There were Ukrainians reportedly on the ground on Jan 6.

    3. You are an idiot.

  2. The Korsun massacre is not shown in this vid. Why not? It was a lynchpin of why Crimea voted for a divorce from Ukraine.

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