June 10, 2015 - Overnight Bombardment of Gorlovka Kills Civilians

More shelling hit the western outskirts of Gorlovka on June 10. Three people were killed[29] and a 16-year-old girl was injured and died in hospital a week later.[30]

July 10, 2015 - Western Gorlovka[31]

When the OSCE arrived the following day the locals were desperate.[32] "You come here when nobody's shelling," one said. "You should come here at night and take a look. At 23:00. To see what happens here."

"We don't have the right to come here at night," responded one of the monitors.

"Well, that's because everyone knows, my dear, when you come, they just keep quiet." 

"Or maybe you just correct the fire for them," added another local.

"I have a relative who lives in Kurdyumovka," said one woman. "She called me and told me that yesterday, from Magdalinovka they were shooting from 300 metres away from her house, the Ukrainian military was shooting. According to the time, it was at the time they were shelling our houses."

"We can only talk about facts," said the monitor. "I can't comment on anything else."

"If you have UAVs there, can't you check?" asked the woman. "That the Ukrainian artillery was doing the shelling at that time."

"Can you not yell? Speak calmly."

"If you were there and in the neighbouring room when a person was killed," began another woman...

"Ma'am, don't yell," the monitor said.

"I will yell, because I've had enough of this. Do you understand? It's impossible. Three people got killed behind the wall. This is unreal. You, OSCE, go ahead, tonight, spend a night at our house number 105."

"We don't want to live under fascism," said another civilian to a Newsfront camera.[33] "Don't bomb these children. They haven't seen life yet... We've already become not just regions, but Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and that will be so, regardless of your wish. We'll live independently... Give me a stick, give me a gun. Poroshenko, you bitch, I'll go and kill you, tart!"

"I don't know where to go in the apartment," added a woman seated nearby. "They want to exterminate us."

Despite being filmed analysing numerous shell craters, the OSCE report published on June 12 only said the following:
In Horlivka ("DPR"-controlled, 29km north-north-east of Donetsk) the SMM was approached by around 70 local inhabitants, visibly upset and distressed and verbally aggressive and critical towards the SMM. Some members of the crowd make violent threats. The SMM left the scene after the OSCE flag was broken off the vehicle and thrown to the ground. A Russian Federation Armed Forces representative of the JCCC's office in Horlivka was present when the incident occurred.[34]
They eventually published their findings in the June 13 report.[29] Without mentioning where the Ukrainian positions were, it said: "The SMM conducted crater analyses and assessed that most of the impacts originated from a north to south direction..."

Read the full report

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