June 1, 2015 - Gorlovka Civilians Under Fire

The northern suburb of Holma reportedly came under artillery fire on May 31. Graham Phillips interviewed some residents about it the following day.[25] "You know, it was scary," said one woman, Alla. "It started, they fired once at first. I heard a high pitched noise. I was working in the garden. I was weeding. I threw the hoe and ran towards the house. Then it was quiet for 5-10 minutes. And then it really started. And lasted for about 40 minutes for sure. This high-pitched noise. We hid in a hole in the ground."

Graham asked her where it was coming from. "It was coming from the direction of Kurdyumovka, Kodema," she said. "Before that, from Dzerzhinsk."

"So, from the Ukrainian positions?" asked Graham.

"Yes, Ukrainian. They, by the way, shell very frequently, even though on television - we watch it - right after they shell us from there, they immediately report it's the DPR guys that did the shelling, of themselves, as it turns out. But we're not blind or deaf, and these lies of theirs, we can see and hear where it's coming from and where they're shelling from. They're shelling from the Ukrainian side."

"How long are we going to have to take this?" said another resident, Ira. "Poroshenko - this jackass. You're killing people and children, you bastard... We haven't been able to live in peace for a year now. How much more are we going to have to suffer? And all this, it's civilians, civilians that live here. Nobody else is here. They have no shame. Vermin. Let them croak, those bastards."

Some other residents who were listening in the background laughed, and after smiling Ira continued: "What? Come on, how much longer do we have to take this? Kids, little kids have to hide in basements. Yesterday, all the kids were hunkering down in basements. Here, the school, everyone was in the basement. Children, elderly women, everyone was in the basement... We've lived here all along. We're all local residents." 

The western suburb of Stoitel was shelled on June 1[26]

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