July 8, 2014 - Fatal Shelling in Lugansk

This is a clip from "The Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

In Lugansk, artillery shells landed near the InterCityPost building in the morning. At least one person was killed, and two were injured.[19,20]

"The car was hit with shrapnel," said one man filmed by Portall.tv. "There was one explosion and there are casualties... Shelling peaceful civilians, how is it?"

"A child is left without a father," said one woman, a young girl at her side. "An ambulance took her mother. What is this? How long is it going to..."

She stopped as the young girl began crying, to pick her up and walk away. 

More shelling hit an apartment building on Sukhodolskaya St in the afternoon.[21] VICE News filmed some of the damage and spoke with locals who were surveying the scene.[22]

"Let our government, especially the bastard Poroshenko, come here," one said. "Let them see how old people die, women, and children die. Poroshenko is a fucking dick."

Damaged Apartment[23]

"I was sitting in my kitchen on the 8th floor and all of a sudden: Boom!" said one woman who was clearing debris. "I thought 'Oh Lord, I better find a way out.' And the second time: Boom! And then a third time. You can go crazy and I've got a very bad heart."

"I was at work when they called me to tell me that my house was on fire," said another woman. "I left work straight away to find out what had happened. Once I arrived, I realised that the shell had fallen in the corner of my flat. Everything was destroyed." 

Shell fragment[24]

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