July 13, 2014 - Donetsk

This is a clip from "The Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

A video emerged online of an Afghan DPR fighter somewhere in Donbass.[94] He gave his reasons for joining the militia there:
I am Afghan, an ethnic Afghan. I came here of my own good will. Many will say: "What is he doing here, go away and mind your own business, blah blah blah," and so on. The matter of fact is that what happened in Ukraine also happened in our country. About 36 years ago. Our country was divided into two camps. One was helped by the Soviet Union, another - by the entire world with the US as a leader. It so happened that we lost that war, and the results are clear. Look at what's happened with Afghanistan - how many people have died...
I ended up in the Soviet Union in '85, through a bilateral agreement between Soviet Union and Afghanistan. I graduated from Boarding School #9 in the city of Volgograd. In essence, I got a solid Soviet education. Soviet education. And if now all of them start saying: "He is pro-Russian, pro-this or pro-that," trust me, in reality we have had very serious problems with the new democratic Russian authorities. We were treated as strangers. I am not here for the Russian government or for any other government. I am here for Slavs, for these people, the friendliest people, people who nevertheless are targeted for extermination. We (Afghans), were dealt with? Not quite, but they have almost dealt with us. And now they have come to do the same with Slavs. It is here that they must be stopped. 
You see, all those people, who think that they are supporting the right cause, they are being shown atrocities, they are being shown how people wearing St. George ribbons rape, murder. These are saboteurs. How they kill someone. They are being shown this. They watch it and, believing that they are shown, they go and attack us. They go up against us, and they think that their side is the right one. The same thing, the very same thing was done in Afghanistan. Exactly the same, like a carbon copy. Do you understand? And now, the problem is no longer whether they are good or bad. The problem is that they remain ignorant of the evil they carry on their shoulders. They know not what they do... 
They (the Americans) don't want anybody here, not Slavs, not anyone! These Ukrainians, who forgot their roots, they no longer consider themselves Slavs. But even they will have no place here! They need slaves here! ...
With Slavs they will do much worse. Because Slavs, they are that layer which carries its own civilisation, its own civilisational imperative. And at it's root, is contrary to all this business, contrary to all this world domination. They don't want Slavs. Do you understand? They don't want their spirit...
I would like to say that our land is still plentiful of strong men. The time has come to pay back our debts. When I came to study in the USSR I was fed three times a day; I had so much food that five kids (back in Afghanistan) could stuff themselves. A long, long time ago, my father - he perished in Afghanistan. He was murdered by servants of the Americans. Now it is the time for me, his son, to fight their dogs. And that is all. I would like to say this to them: "Don't worry, we are all with you, you have us all - Russians, Ossetians, Chechens, Afghans - we are all here, right next you, as one big family. 
In Donetsk, video-correspondent Patrick Lancaster filmed a house that was hit by artillery shells.[95] He filmed a shell stuck in the ground and spoke with a resident. One dog was apparently killed.

Strelkov spoke to a correspondent from LIFE News about the current military situation:
The Militia’s engaged in constant, uninterrupted fighting. At this moment in time, very heavy battles are ongoing near Lugansk. There the enemy’s concentrated enormous, overwhelming forces. According to our estimates, over seventy tanks are operating against us, or, rather, against our comrades in Lugansk, in that region. At this time, we’re sending whatever ammunition and reinforcements we can there.  
However, the ratio of forces is simply disheartening, because, having put mercenaries behind the steering wheels of tanks, the Ukrainian side is seeking to have the outcome of the war decided by cutting us off from Russia. For our part, we try to help by attacking the enemy on various fronts. Thus, for instance, last night in the area north of Karlovka our reconnaissance team attacked a battery of Grad systems. One was destroyed, and one was damaged.  
We will, of course, continue our attacks. However, it must be understood that the Militia is unable to fundamentally break the flow of this war, particularly because the enemy is indeed being supplied to the highest degree. We have information that four anti-tank Apache helicopters have been transferred into Ukraine, which they’re contemplating using not even against us, but against Russia, if it decides to help us in a more active manner... 
After witnessing the use of chemical weapons in Semyonovka, nothing can surprise me anymore. Pretty much everything’s being tried to pull Russia into this war. Either that, or to obtain confirmation that Russia won’t enter this war and won’t defend its brothers here in Ukraine. They’ve effectively lost sight of the shores, if I may use this expression. They’ve simply lost all measure; lost all touch with reality. They’re no longer ashamed of anything. They think they’re entitled to do anything they want, to use whatever weapons they want, and to shell. They’d even shell Moscow, given the chance. There’s no honour, no conscience, and no common sense.[96]
Elsewhere in the city, a car explored the streets with a camera attached for an amateur recording.[97] The city seemed like any other; it was hard to tell there was a nearby war. Although less populated than it once was, Donetsk remained functional, and independent from Kiev.

A DPR rally/concert took place in the centre of the city.[98] Ex-Ukrainian MP Oleg Tsarov and Alexander Borodai (introduced as the Premier of the Donetsk People's Republic) spoke from the stage, and musicians performed into the evening.

A large banner behind them read:

From Ukrainian Army

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