July 11, 2014 - More Casualties

This is a clip from "The Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

A funeral was held in Chernuhino - a town in the Lugansk Oblast - for a rebel fighter named Vadim.[70] It was covered by a correspondent for VICE news, who said: "Whilst the government is trying desperately to seize back territory from the rebels, they risk alienating the local population, whose once peaceful lives have been turned upside down by the indiscriminate killing."

"Fucking Nazis," said the mother. "Why did they take my son?"

Ukrainian forces in the Lugansk Oblast came under heavy attack near Zelenopillia.[71] The BBC reported under the headline "Ukraine president vows to act over army deaths":

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said his forces will find and destroy pro-Russian separatists in the east who killed more than 20 soldiers in a single attack... Officials in Kiev say the separatists used Grad missiles... "For every life of our soldiers, the militants will pay with tens and hundreds of their own," President Poroshenko said.[72]
Multiple shells again reigned down on Lugansk, with at least one residential building coming under fire.[73]

A cemetery in Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk Oblast, was also damaged by shelling.[74]

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