July 10, 2014 - Another Fatal Shelling in Lugansk

This is a clip from "The Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

Multiple shells landed in the city of Lugansk again, with some explosions captured on camera.[57] One woman was killed when a shell landed on her balcony. Hey body was found by her daughter, who was later filmed in the arms of a friend. "Mama!" she cried. "Why didn't we leave? We should have run away!"[58]
Later the father arrived and spoke about the tragedy to a correspondent for Anna News.[59] "Well, what happened - my spouse was located on the balcony," he said. "And a few shells... from the side of the forest belt. In that direction. Most likely from that direction. Judging by it, it's most likely Grad installation, because the shells, 4 or so hit here."

"They hit instantly?" asked the correspondent. "All at once?"

"Yes, it seems so. Only the balcony got damaged."

"They aimed, this was a deliberate fire," added the daughter. "They said that her chest was immediately torn and her hands were blown off." 

Lugansk 24 filmed the damaged balcony and other areas that were hit; at least one resident blamed Poroshenko for the attack.[60]

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