July 10, 2014 - Ukraine's Failed Assault in Karlovka

This is a clip from the "Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

The Ukrainian Army attempted to push further into DPR controlled territory through the town of Karlovka. Dmytro Yarosh and soldiers with black-red Right Sector patches were involved.[61,62] 

With tanks, gun-mounted trucks, rocket launchers and rifles, dozens of fighters prepared to advance. They surveyed maps, sent out surveillance drones, used camouflaged snipers and fired some artillery shells ahead. They piled onto APCs and into other vehicles and pushed forward. Two cameras were present to catch the anticipated glory on film, including a soldier's helmet cam.

Further along the vehicles came to a halt. Soldiers scouted ahead on foot, while others took positions in the bushes on the side of the road. They communicated over radio as they searched for DPR fighters.

Shots rang out at the front. Some soldiers advanced from the rear while most awaited further orders in the bushes and behind vehicles on the road.

One soldier lit as smoke; another kept watch down his gunsights. They were in the bushes looking ahead when they were seemingly ambushed from the right. They spun around and fired aimlessly into the trees, retreating back on to the road.

Soldiers taking cover behind a van had to scuttle backwards as it began reversing. A line formed running back down the road they came from. A tank reversed into another vehicle as it hastily tried to leave. Soon all forces were steadily retreating, firing into the trees as they went. Eventually they made it back to base, with at least one casualty from the shooting.

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