July 10, 2014 - Destruction

This is a clip from "The Attempted Siege of Donetsk I"

Agence France-Presse (AFP) released a video report titled: "Small eastern Ukraine city taken back by Ukrainian forces."[47] The description read: "The small city of Nikolayevka, in east Ukraine, has been heavily hit by airstrikes and taken back by Ukrainian forces." They showed a scooped out apartment building and spoke with a local resident named Viktor.

"The Ukrainian army started shelling us heavily," he said. "A shell hit the house and the train collapsed, while carrying living people. About 7 people died. A woman living in the house had been staying under the ruins for three and a half days, but she was found and taken away. She said that she had heard explosions and called for help for 2 days, but nobody could help her. And vehicles could not come to disassemble the ruins because of the shelling."

Near Donetsk the AFP filmed Ukrainian tanks, trucks and Grad rocket launchers and spoke with one balaclava-clad soldier.[48]

"We arrived yesterday evening," he said. "Our mission is to protect the civilian population of the Donetsk region from separatists... We hope that the end of the anti-terrorist operation will come soon. We will win, and we will bring peace to Ukraine... If we receive the order to enter Donetsk, we will. If we are told to stay here, we will follow orders."

July 10, 2014 - Ukrainian tanks in Sumy (North-East Ukraine)[49]

Early in the morning numerous shells landed in Severodonetsk, a city in the Lugansk Oblast.[50,51] A hotel and nearby buildings were damaged.[52,53]

Elsewhere in the Lugansk Oblast an explosion was filmed at a coal mine in Rovenki.[54]

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk spoke about privatising state assets.[55] "We will announce the most ambitious privatisation plan in 20 years," he said during an agricultural forum broadcast on Ukrainian TV. 

A large queue was filmed trying to enter Crimea from Ukraine.[56] 

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