July 1, 2015 - Shelling Survivors Anna, Zahar and Milana on TV

Anna Tuv described her ordeal on the July 1 episode of "Politics with Peter Tolstoy" on the Russian TV station Channel One:
It happened in broad daylight. On that day, my daughter finished her school year with flying colours. On the 21st of May, we celebrated her birthday under shelling.
May 21, 2015 - Gorlovka[36]
On the 26th of May, we were watering vegetables with our children. My little Milana was in the house on her own. We heard characteristic whistles. Something dropped nearby. We hurried into the house, the children hiding in the corridor. After hearing the whistle, I was the last who ran indoors. A shell dropped on our house at that moment. 
I came to soon after the burst. I saw that one arm was absent. I heard my son Zakhar crying from under the ground and I dug him out. Then I saw the body of my daughter, Katya, torn in two halves. She had her 11th birthday on the 21st of May. I ran to the bedroom. My injured Milana was lying there. She was born on the 12th of May, 2 weeks before that day. 
Then, the second shell dropped. An ambulance couldn't arrive for long time due to continuous shelling. Our district is under permanent shelling from Ukrainian militaries. We can see from where all this flies...
(My husband) pushed me out, using himself as a shield to protect me. He was running to see from where this was flying. He was torn into parts in the corridor, at the entrance.  
...this was during the "ceasefire" on the 26th of May. My daughter was to participate in a fashion show on the 1st of June, Day for Protection of Children. She should have been a model for that show. They died before my eyes. They were torn into parts. Zakhar, Milana, and I survived...
"I know you've arrived at this studio to address Petro Poroshenko," said one of the hosts. "Here's the camera."
I'm addressing you personally, Petro Poroshenko. I ask you: be a man. Stop killing women and children. Don't conduct genocide. Stop sending punisher battalions who rape, kill and torment civilians. We have not been occupied by terrorists. We just don't want to be with you. Stop giving monstrous orders to kills civilians. We didn't start this war, we have nothing in common with it. We just lived our lives. I address you on behalf of all mothers and women who lost their children and husbands because of you. You've turned people into invalids. Stop killing civilians. Be reasonable. Stop this bloodshed that makes orphans of our children.[37]
Victoria Shilova, prominent member of the Ukrainian "Anti-War" group which had been raising money for Anna, was also in the studio. "I'm living in the city of Kiev," she said to the Ukrainian representatives opposite her. "86% of the population are hating you for killing people. You didn't even say to this baby..."

She walked over to Anna and Milana. "Anechka, give her to me, please," she said before taking the baby right up those defending the government. 

"Look at her. Look. You too, look at her! That's whom you kill and cripple. See? Seen it, feeling sorry? Seen her? There are a few hundred children like her! Look, do you feel sorry for this baby? Her 11 year old sister was killed. Torn in half!"

Four days later Russell Bentley again visited Anna, giving her some flowers and Zakhar some toys. He told her about a fundraiser he helped set up in her name. "People from all over the world are pitching in," he said. She thanked people for their support and gave an update on her situation:

Today is the fortieth day after my families' death, after, my life turned upside down. Actually, I've just returned from them...
A psychologist has been working with him for three weeks, so the fright already passes. He sleeps peacefully, without crying. Even during powerful and loud shelling he doesn't cry or fall over the floor. The stress passes little by little. My hearing has recovered. I have a rupture of the eardrum, one piece is missing. I began to hear the right ear. The contusion is practically recovered too, the shoulder blades have almost grown together and I can already work with my right hand. The bandages from this (left) arm have already been removed, the wounds are healing. The fragments of mines are also gone...
We don't want back to Ukraine. Never again. Never. We will never forgive, the people will never forgive. I think Petro Poroshenko will finally understand that we won't put up with this. No matter how much they're going to kills us, to cripple us - we won't pull back, we won't give up. We will fight for our freedom, for our world outlook to the last breath. We won't put up with this regimen...
Photo posted to Russell Bentley's Facebook page[38]
I'm very happy that you support me, that you're with me. I need it like breath now. You haven't left me alone. Thank you. I'm very grateful. The movability of my hand depends on this. It's very important for me. I save every penny for the prosthetic hand, because someday I want to tie bows on Milana's head, I want to hug Zakhar with two arms. He is always asking, when the hand will grow again.[39]

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