July 17, 2019

MH17 - 3 Weeks at the Crash Site [DAY3 JUL19]

Research & Editing by: Chris Nolan
Subtitles by: Elena Evdokimova

"3 Weeks at the Crash Site" is a comprehensive timeline of events following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The third part of this series continues from 12:00AM on July 19, 2014. All times are in local Ukrainian time (UTC+3).

On July 19 bodies were collected by the side of the road, loaded onto trucks and transferred to refrigerated railway cars waiting nearby in Torez. During a briefing on the downing of MH17, Ukrainian Counterintelligence Chief Vitaly Nayda claimed 3 Buk launchers were smuggled back to Russia the day before.

Ukrainian government forces launched Grad rockets at residential areas and a school in Donetsk, as civilians retreated into bomb shelters. More rockets hit Lugansk and the OSCE observed some of the damage. Airstrikes were carried out near Krasny Luch.

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Donetsk & Lugansk Under Fire [YouTube] [LBRY] [BitChute]

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12:06AM (UTC+3)
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